Why contact Valetta?

Have you heard what happened to her little boy?  Xzavier was five years old and his 13 year old sister was walking him to the park.

A distracted driver hit him and drug his little body twenty yards before realizing she did something horribly wrong.

Now Xzavier is paralyzed from his diaphragm down and he also lost his left lung.

Xzavier’s heart is fine.

His mother Valetta is grateful that he is still 100% cognitive Xzavier.

She cannot work anymore.  Someone has to be there with X, they call him X.  He has a team of nurses that care for him and go to school with him and stay up and watch his equipment at night on weekdays.

You can help.  By donating to the care of Xzavier you are also contributing to his mother’s campaign against distracted driving.

She cannot continue this work without our help.  We are working on getting sponsors for this family.  Xzavier wanted to grow up and become a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.  We are contacting them soon.

Even a dollar will help.

You can send money orders and checks to Valetta’s post office box.

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

or you can friend Valetta on facebook


You’ll have to tell her you want to email her some money and she is set up with PayPal to receive donations.

You can always donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide.  Just tell them that you want to donate to the Xzavier Davis-Bilbo Foundation.

And now Valetta has joined YouCaring.com so that you can donate to the on-going care of Xzavier and for the campaign championed by the X-Man Foundation, started by Valetta Bradford.

Final Expenses for Valetta’s mother;


This link is to raise money for a new wheelchair accessible van but I hope we get enough donations for the van and for an All-Terrain Wheelchair, those are so cool:


Her is a link to donate on-line to the campaign;


God Bless You and

‘Don’t text for X’

3 thoughts on “Why contact Valetta?

    • Hi Richard,
      Yes, Valetta has a wheelchair accessible van for Xzavier. It’s not a good one, it breaks down often and Xzavier hits his head on the ceiling of the van coming and going. She also installed a wheelchair lift for their house, you can see it in the documentary. There’s a moment that shows Xzavier getting home from school.
      I know the Pantherdise football team held a benefit to get them a new wheelchair accessible van but I don’t think they raised enough money to get one.
      I’m that Lady down in Texas making this reply.


      Thank you so much for your question.

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